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    Cell biomechanics technical facility: BioMechan'IC




    The "Biomechanics of the Cell" technical facility has been created at the Cochin Institute in spring 2016. Its creation results from the need to develop new conceptual and technological approaches to better understand the mechanical properties of cells.

    The vocation of the "Biomechanics of the Cell" technical facility is to develop technical approaches that can be transmitted to all teams whose biological issues are oriented towards the study of transmission and integration of forces to the sub-cellular, cellular or even tissue scale.


    Technical facility news in 2019

    The technical facility has developed the following technological approaches:

    • 2D substrates of controlled rigidity: polyacrylamide and elastomer (PDMS)
    • Traction Force Microscopy (TFM) for measuring the forces that cells apply to flexible culture substrates
    • Under development:

                 - The micropatterning of culture substrates (developed in collaboration with Fabienne Régnier).

                 - Micro-suction pipette (MPA) for the study of cellular deformability

    These techniques, which can be combined, leave the field free to the investigation of many biological questions!


    New publication :

    "Sialic acid mediated mechanical activation of β2 adrenergic receptors by bacterial pili" by Zoe Virion, Stephane Doly, Kusumika Saha, Mireille Lambert, François Guillonneau, Camille Bied, Julie Meyer, Rebecca Duke, Pauline Rudd, Catherine Robbe-Masselot, Xavier Nassif, Mathieu Coureuil, and Stefano Marullo. Accepted in Nature Communications (September 2019)



    Currently, BioMecan'IC is hosted by the team "Receptor signaling and molecular scaffolds" (Head : Stefano Marullo) and located on the 5th floor of the Gustave Roussy building, room 502, 27 rue du Faubourg Saint-Jacques 75014 Paris.

    Tel: 01 40 51 65 54