Biomedical research institute


    In parallel with the provision of microscopes, image restoration services by 3D deconvolution, thick tissue cutting by vibratome and tissue clarification are proposed.

    Thick cut
    Human in L2 or murine / fixed / perfused / FRET Calcium techniques
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    Organ clarification

    Intra-vital imaging
    Anesthesia / surgery / SHG / mouse models, fish, ovo

    Super resolution microscopy PALM STORM

    Confined Level Confocal Microscopy Level 2 or 3
    Procedure L2 514 5th Roussy
    Procedure L3 300 3rd Méchain

     3D deconvolution image restoration
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    Image analysis, processing and quantification
    Creating On Demand Macro ImageJ
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    Saving and archiving images
    Cochin Image Database