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    Cochin Imaging photonic : IMAG'IC


    Team leader

    The Institut Cochin photonic imaging facility (IMAG’IC), which has the Gis IBiSA and ISO 9001 labels, is under the scientific direction of Florence Niedergang and under the responsibility of the engineer Pierre Bourdoucle.
    In the center of Paris, the platform has 14 acquisition systems and 3 stations for analysis and image processing, spread over 130 m². Any person working in a public laboratory (EPST, University) or private company can benefit from help or training to become autonomous to work on all microscopes managed by the platform.
    In parallel, image restoration by 3D deconvolution, image quantification, database,  3D printing, vibratome sectioning of thick tissues and tissue clarification are also now proposed to our users.


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    Vidéo youtubeThe Working Group GT3M of the Multidisciplinary Fluorescence Microscopy Technological Network (RT-MFM, CNRS) aims to define metrology protocols for photonic microscopes users. The goal is to make sure that complex devices work well using simple protocols. For example, this tutorial focuses on describing a sample preparation method - here a fluorescent bead slide - for acquiring and analyzing a microscope point spread function (PSF).

    To go futher :

    This metrology Working Group is composed of: Aurélien DAUPHIN (Institut Curie), Alain DIETERLEN (Université Haute- Alsace), Orestis FAKLARIS (Institut Jacques Monod), Perrine FRERE (Sorbonne Université), David GENY (Institut de Psychiatrie et Neurosciences de Paris) Jean François GILLES (Institut de Biologie Paris Seine), Thomas GUILBERT (Institut Cochin) and Damien SCHAPMAN (Institut pour la Recherche et l’Innovation en Biomédecine)


    News publications :

    Live Imaging of HIV-1 Transfer across T Cell Virological Synapse to Epithelial Cells that Promotes Stromal Macrophage Infection.  Real, F., Sennepin, A., Ganor, Y., Schmitt, A. & Bomsel, M.  Cell Reports 23, 1794–1805 (2018).

    Media coverage

    • Multi-color 3D acquisitions dSTORM are now set up.
    • Cochin Image Database

    Backup, archive and image processing (deconvolution, macros,..) online

    • Multi-photon microscopy

    Thick sectioning and clarification of samples are proposed for multi-photon microscopy.

    • Training

    A training Cochin ImageJ took place on March 1 and 2, 2018. Next training summer 2018



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