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    Team Leader

    GENOM’IC is a core facility accessible to the scientific community including academic research labs, hospital departments and private companies. We have expertise in genomic and transcriptomic studies and make latest technologies available through different services: training in real-time qPCR and technical support with devices, genomic and transcriptomic analysis through project management using microarrays or high-throughput sequencing (from experimental design to bioinformatics data analysis). Next Generation Sequencing platform is shared with genetic department of the hospital APHP. GENOM’IC takes part in innovative projects by providing technical expertise and insures technological surveillance.

    The quality procedure started in 2012 ensures the good quality of the experiments and the data produced, as well as our ability to answer our collaborators needs.


    • New equipment / equipment request

    In May 2015, a NextSeq 500 from Illumina was acquired thanks to funding from DIM Malinf 2014 / ARS (APHP). We run various applications on this device, such as: exome resequencing, de novo sequencing, RNA-Seq (total/small RNA), ChIP-Seq.

    Another NextSeq 500 is arrived in October 2016 for APHP (cytogenetic department) and is dedicated to non-invasive diagnosis of aneuploidies.

    An automated station nCounter PREP (NanoString®) obtained from Plan Cancer 2016-2019 will arrive at the beginning of 2017. This device will allow simultaneous digital counting of several hundred DNA or RNA targets.

    A Nanodrop ND8000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer will arrive at the end of 2016, allowing the simultaneous OD measure of 8 samples.

    A Chromium system (10X Genomics) has been asked in a joined demand with IBENS (Institut de Biologie Ecole Normale Supérieure) to Canceropole Ile de France in October 2016. This device provides long range information on a genome wide scale; including characterization of genomic structure.

    • Facility staff strengthening

    Angeline Duché (AI INSERM) has joined the facility in March 2016 to take care of the DNA microarrays projects.

    Juliette Hamroune (IE Université Paris Descartes) has joined the facility in May 2016 to take care of the high-throughput sequencing projects.

    Benjamin Saintpierre (IE CARPEM) has joined the facility in August 2016 to take care of the bioinformatics activities related to high-throughput sequencing.

    • Departure of Eurofins

    The Eurofins Company, present since 2009, is about to leave Cochin by the beginning of 2017. A tender offer regarding sequencing and genotyping services for research teams (DR Paris C INSERM) will be made in October in order to start the activity in early 2017.

    • Reinforcement of the scientific committee of the facility

    In summer 2016, three new members joined the scientific committee. Valentina Boeva (CR1 INSERM), Frédéric Ariey (MCU-PH Parasitologie GH Cochin) and Bertrand Cosson (MC UMR7216 CNRS Paris Diderot) joined Daniel Vaiman (DR1 INSERM), Georges Bismuth(DR1 INSERM) and Guillaume Assié (PU-Ph UPD).

    • Certifications

    GENOM’IC is the certified genomic core facility of the Université Paris Descartes and is referenced amongst the facilities of the Cancéropôle Ile-de-France since 2015.

    •  Collaborative projects and patent

    GENOM’IC is involved in the European project InfectEra (with Sandrine Bourdoulous’ team).

    • Seminar organization and trainings.

    Since 2010, GENOM’IC is a partner of the Master 2 Ingénierie de plate-forme of Université Paris Diderot (head: Véronique Gruber and Pierre Bourdoncle)

    GENOM’IC takes part since 2011 in the teaching Approches moléculaires globales en pharmacologie et toxicology of the Master 1 Toxicologie of Université Paris Descartes.

    In 2017, GENOM’IC will take part in the teaching UE Omiques of the Licence 2 Maths Info of Université Paris Descartes.

    Since 2011, GENOM’IC has trained more than fifty students and staff of the Institute.




    Plateforme GENOM’IC

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    27 rue du Faubourg Saint Jacques
    75014 Paris

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