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    Cytometry and Immunobiology: CYBIO


    Team leader:

    Muriel Andrieu_PF CYBIO


    Muriel Andrieu

    iso 9001
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     Expert in flow cytometry and cellular immunology, the cytometry and immuno-biology facility (CYBIO) develops, optimizes and offers different tests for cell analysis, particularly those dedicated to the follow-up of cellular immune responses. 

    The equipments of cellular analysis available are flow cytometers in majority (5 analyzers, 4 sorters) but also 1 xCELLigence system, 1 ELISpot reader, 1 AutoMACS, 1 Bioplex (Luminex reader), 1 MSD platform.

    As services provision, the facility develops and performs cellular immunology tests (cell proliferation, intracellular cytokines detection...), multiplex quantification or cell sorting. We can also take in charge whole immunobiology projects.

    The facility is ISO 9001 certified since October 2012.

    In 2015, 60 teams from the Cochin Institute and from outside the Institute (278 users) rely on the services of the plateform. In 2015, use of equipments (without the xCELLigence) amounted to 5000 hours and 1500 hours were spent for cell-sorting.


    • Annual Congress of French Cytometry Association (8-10 Nov in Montpellier, France) : we are expecting you!!!
    • ANR ROCADE (about mechanisms of relationship between depression and cardiovascular illnesses) : CYBIO facility will take in charge several biomarkers quantification on almost 10 000 patients samples. Leader : Jean-Philippe Empana, HEGP.


    • New equipement : Moflo Astrios is arrived : new cell sorter with 7 lasers, 45 colors and up to 6 populations sorted simultaneously. It is installed in the L2 under a hood and allows sorting at high speed (up to 30 000 events/sec) of class 2 and 3 cells.




    Muriel ANDRIEU

    Cytometry and Immunobiology Facility (CYBIO)

     Gustave Roussy building, 3rd and 8th floors

    Office room 316, 
    L1 lab room 312 (analysis stations)
    L1 lab room 314 (LSR2, Fortessa, AID)
     L2 lab room 829 a (ARIA3, ASTRIOS, JAZZ) et c (AUTOMACS, C6, xCELLigence)
    Cassini Building, 6th floor (Fortessa, ARIA)

    COCHIN Institute
    27 rue du Faubourg Saint Jacques
    75014 Paris

    Tel 01 40 51 65 08  (66 20)
    Fax 01 40 51 66 36


     Staff members : Karine Bailly, Emmanuelle Näser, François Guichard, Yaël Wilkie

     Scientific committee  : Rémi Cheynier, Evelyne Lauret, Bruno Lucas, Anne Hosmalin and Roberto Mallone