Biomedical research institute


    The HistIM facility supplies a technical service by taking on your samples at any steps of the histological process. She can also train a member of your team on different equipments.

    The technical service:

    -        Impregnation ans inclusion of tissues in paraffin

    -        Embedded-paraffin tissues and frozen tissues sections on microtome or cryostat

    -        Standard stainings (Hemalun-Eosin, Masson’s trichrome, Hemalun-Erythrosin-Safran)

    -        Specific stainings (Oil-red-O, Periodic Acid Schiff, Pearls...)

    -        Immunostainings (by automaton) : Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence

    -        Development of protocols for immunostainings  or histological stainings for specific requests

    -        Consulting for researchers, technicians, students…


    The training service :

    -        for frozen tissues preparation

    -        for immunostaining techniques

    -        on five different equipments : microtome, cryostat, slide scanner, fluorescence microscope, laser microdissector