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    Understanding the control of HIV-1 replication by RISC


    Principal investigator: Sarah Gallois-Montbrun

    Contact : – Phone : +33 1 40 51 65 76


    The group

    Agathe Eckenfelder (Post-doc, ANRS)

    Emmanuel Ségéral (IE, Inserm)

    Collaboration: Hervé Seitz (IGH, Montpellier)



    Several studies have recently revealed that HIV-1 replication is also controlled by the miRNA silencing pathway. The aim of this project is to better understand how the components of the miRISC - Ago proteins and miRNA - regulate HIV-1 replication.


    Research Interests

    We used an Ago2-HITS-CLIP strategy to trap the miRNA :Ago2 :mRNA complexes, immunoprecipitate them and isolate associated nucleic acids. High-throughput sequencing of input small RNA and mRNA (RNAseq) was also performed. We have identified specific regions of the HIV RNA genome that engaged with RISC. The functional characterization of these regions indicates that RISC regulates late stages of HIV replication.