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    Immune responses to oncogenic HPVs



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    HPV-6, -11, -16 and -18 are the most prevalent HPV in genital condylomatous and neoplastic lesions of the vulva and the anal canal. The specific T-cell mediated immune responses to HPV play an essential role in controlling the development of these lesions. These responses are primarily directed against the early HIV proteins: E6 and E7. However, E2 protein is also a major specific target, in particular at the beginning of infection, when the viral genome is in its episomal form.


    The group

    In 2015, this group is composed of an engineer (INSERM), Suzanne Figueiredo-Morgado


    Research interests

    In patients with vulvar neoplasia, anti-HPV cellular immunity has been tested in circulating lymphocytes. We observed that the strong anti-HPV16 response was largely directed against the E2 peptide both in women with classical VIN and in their partner. The presence of both proliferative response and IFNg synthesis by CD4 + T-cells has been shown in women having no lesion following chemical therapy or surgury and their male partners who themselves had no clinical sign of infection. We concluded, in the absence of E2 in the infectious viral particles, that men had been infected with HPV16 and had controlled the virus. Women with chronic and persistent lesions had no anti-E2 CD4 + T-cell response, making the presence of anti-E2 specific T-cell responses, a marker of infection/disease control. We now analyze the local development of immune responses and the cytokine profile of anal lesions caused by oncogenic HPV in order to better understand the role of the immune response in such lesions.


    Main publications

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    Financial supports

    This program is supported by la société Française de dermatologie