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    Activities in the broad scientific community


    INSERM CSS5 2008-12 Presidency (AH) 

    INSERM CSS7 2012-17 Member (YR)                                                               

    CNRS Section27 2012-17 General Secretary (APB), 2008-2012 member (YR) 

    Université Paris Descartes Scientific Council 2013-15, Member (AH) 

    Institut Cochin: 2014-17 Director, Infection, Immunity & Inflammation Department

                                  2017-  Director, International Affairs

    President, French Society of Immunology  2013-2015 (AH)  

    Founding member, Club Francophone des Cellules Dendritiques (French DC Club) 

    President, ANRS coordinate action AC31 2008-2017 (AH) 

    Founding member, Fondation Acteria since 2012 (AH)

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