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    HTLV-1, regulation of virus expression and host cell modification

    Team leader: Claudine PIQUE

     HTLV-1 belongs to the small group of viruses associated to a cancer in human. Indeed, this retrovirus is responsible for Adult T-cell leukemia (ATL), a malignant proliferation of CD4+ T cells.

    HTLV-1, alike all other retroviruses, is able to integrate its reverse-transcribed genome within the host cell genome, generating thereby the proviral genome flanked by two non-coding LTR regions (Long Terminal Repeats at both the 5’ and 3’ ends), containing transcriptional regulatory elements. The HTLV-1 genome encodes for structural proteins and enzymes as well as for regulatory and auxiliary proteins. Among the latter, two products have been shown to promote T-cell proliferation: the regulatory protein Tax (TransActivator of pX) and the auxiliary protein HBZ (HTLV-1 Basic Zipper protein).

    During the last decade, we have discovered that Tax does not exist as a single species in the cell but rather as a myriad of sub-populations, each characterized by a particular combination of post-translational modifications. In particular, we demonstrated that Tax is ubiquitinated, notably via conjugation to non-degradative ubiquitin chain, and that this event is essential for the activation of the NF-kB pathway. We have also demonstrated that Tax is sumoylated and that these modified populations are present in the nucleus. We are now studying the role of post-translational modifications of Tax during the T cell transformation process.

    More recently, we initiated new projects regarding the mechanisms by which HTLV-1 induces a transcriptional reprogramming of infected T lymphocytes. We studied in particular how the two HTLV-1 oncoproteins Tax and HBZ modulate DNA methylation and histone modifications and the link between these processes and the development of the different clinical forms of ATL.



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