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    Team: Bacteria and Perinatality

    Team leaders 


    Our projects rely mainly on pathophysiology of 2 major streptococci: Group A Streptococcus (GAS) and Group B Streptococcus (GBS) involved in deadly invasive infections occurring during pregnancy or in the neonatal period. GAS causes mild to severe diseases, including puerperal fever. GBS is the leading cause of neonate infections. We aim at elucidating mechanisms involved in their pathogenesis.


    Research themes

     Our research is centered around Group A (GAS, Streptococcus pyogenes) and Group B (GBS, Streptococcus agalactiae) Streptococcus infections. To that goal, we develop three main themes. One explores the neonates predisposition and the mechanisms leading to GBS invasive infections. Our goal is to understand why a bacterium commensal for the adult is a formidable pathogen for the neonate and by which mechanism(s) GBS crosses physiological barriers, mainly intestinal and blood-brain barriers, and escapes the innate immune system. The second one, also related to GBS neonate invasive infections, is focused on metagenomics and perinatality. The third theme aims at deciphering the molecular bases of GAS tissue colonization during the onset of invasive infections in the context of puerperal fever. Finally, Claire Poyart heads, since 2006, the National Reference Center for Streptococci (CNR-Strep, that collects and characterizes at the molecular level strains responsible for invasive and non-invasive strains sent by a network of clinical laboratories with a nationwide distribution.


    Main Publications

     Tazi A, Plainvert C, Anselem O, Ballon M, Marcou V, Seco A, El Alaoui F, Joubrel C, El Helali N, Falloukh E, Frigo A, Raymond J, Trieu-Cuot P, Branger C, Le Monnier A, Azria E, Ancel PY, Jarreau PH, Mandelbrot L, Goffinet F, Poyart C. Risk Factors for Infant Colonization by Hypervirulent CC17 Group B Streptococcus: Toward the Understanding of Late-onset Disease. Clin Infect Dis. 2019 Apr 4. pii: ciz033. doi: 10.1093/cid/ciz033.



    Weckel A, Ahamada D, Bellais S, Méhats C, Plainvert C, Longo M, Poyart C, Fouet A. The N-terminal domain of the R28 protein promotes emm28 Group A Streptococcus adhesion to host cells via direct binding to three integrins. J Biol Chem. (2018) 293:16006-16018. (


    Plainvert C, Longo M, Seringe E, Saintpierre B, Sauvage E, Ma L, Beghain J, Dmytruk N, Collobert G, Hernandez E, Manuel C, Astagneau P, Glaser P, Ariey F, Poyart C, Fouet A. A clone of the emergent Streptococcus pyogenes emm89 clade responsible for a large outbreak in a post-surgery oncology unit in France. Med Microbiol Immunol. (2018 ) Jun). doi: 10.1007/s00430-018-0546-1.


    Six A, Bellais S, Bouaboud A, Fouet A, Gabriel C, Tazi A, Dramsi S, Trieu-Cuot P, Poyart C. Srr2, a multifaceted adhesin expressed by ST-17 hypervirulent Group B Streptococcus involved in binding to both fibrinogen and plasminogen. Mol Microbiol. 2015 Sep;97(6):1209-22. (


    Da Cunha V, Davies MR, Douarre PE, Rosinski-Chupin I, Margarit I, Spinali S, Perkins T, Lechat P, Dmytruk N, Sauvage E, Ma L, Romi B, Tichit M, Lopez-Sanchez MJ, Descorps-Declere S, Souche E, Buchrieser C, Trieu-Cuot P, Moszer I, Clermont D, Maione D, Bouchier C, McMillan DJ, Parkhill J, Telford JL, Dougan G, Walker MJ; DEVANI Consortium, Holden MT, Poyart C, Glaser P. Streptococcus agalactiae clones infecting humans were selected and fixed through the extensive use of tetracycline. Nat Commun. 2014 Aug 4;5:4544. (



    Team’s news

    • Claire Poyart, Head of the University Hospital Department Risks in Pregnancy Research Committee (
    • National Reference Center for Streptococci (
    • 2015: ANR “PathoTop” (C. Poyart Partner)
    • 2016: DHU Risks in Pregnancy, “SPFP” (PI A. Fouet)
    • 2016: ANR “StaphEscape” (C. Poyart Partner)
    • 2017: ANR “StrepB2brain” (PI J. Guignot)
    • 2017: FRM project Microbes &Fungi (PIU C. Poyart)
    • 2017 : INSERM ITMO Microbiote Network, (C. Poyart, Partner)
    • 2018: DIM MalInf Equipment, “FabT cible anti-infectieuse” (PI A. Fouet)
    • Patent 2015 : The immunogenic peptide BR of Srr2 use for diagnostic and therapeutic of the "high-virulent" ST-17 clone of group B Streptococcus. EP15305541 10-04-15 Claire Poyart, Patrick Trieu Cuot, Shaynoor Dramsi, Anne Six, Samuel Bellais



    Claire POYART, PU-PH, Bâtiment Jean Dausset, 24 rue du Fbg St Jacques, 5th floor

    Agnès FOUET, DR CNRS, Bâtiment Méchain, 22 rue Méchain, room 317


    Former Members:

    Samuel Bellais

    Abdel Bouaboud

    Sophie Brinster

    Christina Candeias

    Marcia Dinis

    Christelle Gabriel

    Constantin Hays

    Philippe Morand

    Liliana Oliveira

    Anne Six

    Antonin Weckel