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    Epigenetics, DNA replication and Cancer


    Team leader


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    The laboratory integrates genomics, molecular biology and cell biology to gain insight into the regulation of DNA replication in human. We are particularly interested in understanding how the DNA replication machinery is assembled in the context of chromatin and in characterizing the mechanisms and pathways regulating the initiation of DNA replication. Since many of these regulatory pathways are deregulated in cancer, our studies will help understand how normal and cancer cells regulate DNA replication.




    The interest of the group is to better understand the regulation of DNA replication initiation in mammals. Notably, we are developing studies to identify and to characterize new mechanisms in the initiation of DNA replication in vivo. Using biochemical, genetic and genomic approaches we are studying the role of signaling pathways, chromatin factors and chromatin-dynamics in defining the position of origins of replication, and in regulating the initiation of DNA replication. We use a number of different model systems to study these mechanisms (human primary cells, stem cells, cancer cells).

    Specific research interests :

    How is DNA replication initiation regulated (notably by chromatin)?

    How is DNA replication coordinated with other nuclear processes?

    How is DNA replication dysregulated in cancer (and other human pathologies)?

    How is dysregulation of DNA replication contributing to genomic instability and disease progression?

    Keywords : Epigenetics, DNA replication, Genome stability, Cancer


    Main publications


    Marchal C. and Miotto B (2015) Emerging concept in DNA methylation : role of transcription factors in shaping DNA methylation patterns. J. Cell Physiology 230(4) : 743-51

    Miotto B., Chibi M., Xie P., Koundrioukoff S., Moolan-Smook H., Pugh D., He F., Debatisse M., Zhang L. and Defossez P.A. (2014) The RBBP6/ZBTB38/MCM10 axis regulates DNA replication and common fragile site stability. Cell Reports S2211

    Miotto B. and Struhl K. (2011) JNK1 phosphorylation of Cdt1 inhibits recruitment of HBO1 histone acetylase and blocks replication licensing in response to stress. Mol. Cell 44(1) 62-71

    Miotto B. and Struhl K. (2010) HBO1 histone acetylase activity is essential for DNA replication licensing and inhibited by Geminin. Mol. Cell 37(1) 57-66

    Miotto B. and Struhl K. (2008) HBO1 histone acetylase is a co-activator of the replication licensing factor Cdt1. Genes Dev. 22(9) 2633-2632


    The team


    Members of the team:

    - Benoit Miotto, CNRS, CR, HDR

    - Claire Marchal, PhD student

    - Maud de Dieuleveult, Post-doctoral researcher

    - Benjamin Martin, master student

    - Nadège Guinot, research assistant

    (please contact Benoit Miotto directly for further information about position in the lab).


    Main collaborations :

    - Dr Thomas McGarry (Univ. Chicago)

    - Dr. Roberto Mantovani (Univ. Milan)

    - Dr. Carol Imbriano (Univ. Modena)

    - Prof. Xavier Coumoul (Univ. Paris 5)

    - Prof Robert Barouki (Univ. Paris 5)

    - Dr. Isabelle Lemasson (Univ. East Carolina)


    Team's news


    - Creation of the group in 2015

     - Team partner of the Laboratory of excellence « Who am I ? »

     - Selected « Emerging Team 2015 » by Labex « Who am I ? »


    Financial Supports


    Marie Curie Action (IRG grant), Electricité de France, DIM Biothérapies, Plan Cancer, Labex « Who am I ? »