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    From Gametes to Birth: Genomics, Epigenetics and Physiopathology of Reproduction

    Group leader


    The constitution of the team «Genomics, Epigenetics and Physiopathology of Reproduction» within the Cochin Institute relates to the historical importance of reproductive biology at the Cochin hospital, and embodies a concrete will of creating an integrative structure at the interface of clinical and fundamental studies of human reproduction disorders.


    Research topics

    The research programs developed in the team aim at deciphering the scientific grounds of various aspects of reproductive physiology and at elucidating the pathophysiological mechanisms involved in the most frequent reproductive diseases. Among these diseases are infertility resulting from defects of sperm differentiation, gamete interaction or defects of implantation and pregnancy diseases affecting the mother and/or the fetus and resulting from defects of embryonic implantation, uterine dysfunction or extra-embryonic tissue development anomalies.


    1- Genetic and epigenetic of placental diseases (D. Vaiman)

    2- Maternal-fetal interface and pregnancy outcomes (C. Méhats)



    3- Genetic and epigenetic regulation during sperm differentiation (J. Cocquet)

    4- Sperm structure & motility (A. Touré)

    5- Gamete interaction (JP Wolf ; A. Ziyyat)