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    HIV-1 cell-to-cell dissemination: cell-fusion to escape antiviral restriction

    Study directed by Serge Benichou (team of Clotilde Randriamampita)

    Targeting intracellular protein traffic: new therapeutic strategies?

    Team "Biology of phagocytes, infection and immunity" directed by Florence Niedergang

    Pull the string, the latch will open…

    Study directed by Stéfano Marullo, published in Nature Communications

    Workshop EASD Islet Study Group

    May 18-20, 2020, Illkirch, Strasbourg, France

    Mammary tumors: When TGF beta disarms type I interferons

    A study directed by Nadège Bercovici, team Emmanuel Donnadieu

    Oxidative stress in physiology and physiopathology

    36è journée Institut Cochin/JC Dreyfus, September 27, 2019, Paris, France

    A new mechanism of systemic iron overload identified in a myelodysplastic syndrome

    A study directed by Michaela Fontenay, published in Science Translational Medicine

    Label "FRM team"

    6 teams of the Institut Cochin who have just obtained the prestigious label

    Paris Redox 2019 conference

    Annual international Redox conference, chaired by Frédéric Batteux

    Targeting the β-catenin activated hepatocarcinomas addiction to fatty acids as a potential therapeutic strategy

    The studies of Pascale Bossard and Christine Perret are highlighted on the Youtube channel of Gut journal.

    HIV pathogenesis: lessons from HIV-2

    ANRS AC41, June 11th & 12th, 2019, Paris

    Antigen Processing and presentation 10 (APP 10)

    Workshop EMBO, Paris, 30 May-2 June 2019