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    Change strategies to keep cancer in check?

    Review co-signed by Emmanuel Donnadieu

    CAR T cells in cancer treatment: Make T cells great again!

    Paris, November 16, 2018 - 9ème symposium Institut Cochin

    Microbiota in host health and disease: from correlation to causalité

    Paris, October 17 & 18, 2018 - 35è journées Institut Cochin-JC Dreyfus & Inserm cross-cutting program microbiota

    Fibroblasts can control antibody production

    A study directed by Emmanuel Donnadieu

    The Viral Protein Vpx is making some noise again: "Hush*!"

    A study directed par the team Pique & Margottin-Goguet

    Watch how a T-cell passes HIV sexually to a new host

    A study by Morgane Bomsel - Press release Cell Press

    International call for proposals

    Recruitment of research group leaders at the Institut Cochin


    Jeune Chercheurs de l’institut Cochin

    A natural neuropeptide directs HIV-1 for degradation via the proteasome

    A study conducted by Jonathan Ganor and Morgane Bomsel

    Club Exocytose-Endocytose

    Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

    Sweet hijacking by a viral oncoprotein

    A study conducted by Claudine Pique and Tarik Issad

    Melatonin signaling at the cell surface and neuronal mitochondria

    A study directed by Ralf Jockers, team Functional Pharmacology and Pathophysiology of Membrane Receptors