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    AIDS 2020 conference: oral communication by Véronique Avettand-Fénoël

    Team Margottin-Goguet, Pique

    AIDS 2020 conference: selected oral communication by Véronique Avettand-Fénoël


    The 23rd AIDS 2020 international conference takes place from July 6 to 10, 2020 in virtual form. The work of Véronique Avettand-Fénoël’s team, supported by the ANRS, is selected for an oral presentation.


    The study - "In-depth characterization of full-length archived HIV genomes in long-term post-treatment and natural HIV controllers (ANRS CODEX / iVISCONTI Cohort)" - was based on samples taken from patients in the cohort ANRS iVISCONTI, comprising HIV infected people who control the infection several years after the interruption of antiretroviral treatment. The researchers observed in their cells, intact archived viral forms, therefore capable of replicating, in proportion and in quantity equivalent to those observed in people still on antiretroviral treatment initiated at the start of the infection or in subjects naturally controlling the infection (from the ANRS CODEX cohort). Remission is therefore possible in certain individuals infected with HIV for long periods of time (11.8 years as a median in this study) despite the presence of genetically intact viruses. This suggests that controlling the infection in those patients in remission probably involves immune mechanisms.


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