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    A non-canonical autophagic pathway usurped by HIV-1 virus

    The team « Host-virus interactions » illustrates how HIV-1 uses a non-canonical autophagic pathway to favor its dissemination

    "DREAM-challenge" competitions

    Valentina Boeva's team won first place

    Malaria – Discovery of a molecular marker associated with piperaquine resistance in parasites

    A collaborative project in which participated Frédéric Ariey, team of Gordon Langsley

    HIV-1 Vpr degrades the HLTF DNA translocase

    Team Claudine Pique & Florence Margottin-Goguet

    6th Biosensor Meeting

    Orsay, 12-13 May 2016

    The mechanism of phagosome closure unravelled

    The team of Florence Niedergang reveals the mechanism implicated in the closure of phagosomes

    Price of the Fondation Philippe Chatrier awarded to Erika Cecon

    Erika Cecon was rewarded for her work in the field of Alzheimer disease (AD).

    Descartes-Huygens Prize for Benoit Viollet and Joost Gribnau

    The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts And Sciences has awarded the annual Descartes-Huygens Prize since 1995.