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    COVID-19: focus on research activities at the Institut Cochin

    The Institut Cochin has been mobilized since the beginning of the epidemic, to develop research projects on COVID-19.


    About fifteen teams (out of 38) have engaged in this research, each with their own expertise:

    • Team Morgane BOMSEL: Role of lung cells infected with SARS-CoV-2 and humoral response in the evolution of COVID-19: from pathophysiology to testing of candidate drugs in mucosal cell models,

    • Guillaume ASSIÉ's group (Team Bertherat): large-scale genomic analysis on COVID + samples, to identify prognostic markers, and predictive markers of response to treatment,

    • Team Frédéric ARIEY: development of a quick and inexpensive individual diagnostic tool for COVID-19,

    • Team Florence NIEDERGANG: study of the intracellular signaling mechanism induced by the virus,

    • Team Jean-Daniel CHICHE (and Frédéric PÈNE) (with the Intensive care unit at Cochin Hospital): clinical study on a cohort of COVID + patients in intensive care,

    • Team Véronique WITKO-SARSAT: detailed analysis of neutrophil subpopulations on a cohort of COVID + patients in intensive care,

    • Team Michaela FONTENAY: identification of prognostic markers and predictive markers of the progression of the disease,

    • Team Sandrine BOURDOULOUS: search for early markers of vascular alterations and severity of the disease, in the sera of COVID + patients,

    • Team Agnès LEHUEN: detailed analysis of subpopulations of innate immunity cells (MAIT, NK) in infected patients,

    • Team Selim ARACTINGI: Study of fetal progenitors mobilized during pneumonias induced by COVID-19 in pregnant women,

    • Bruno LUCAS team: Analysis of lymphocyte subpopulations in a cohort of COVID + patients under treatment,

    • Anne HOSMALIN's group: Interferon responses in patients infected with SARS-CoV2,

    • Rémi CHEYNIER's group: IL-7 as a mucosal vaccine adjuvant,

    • Team Ralf JOCKERS: participation in the European Escalate4CoV project for the discovery of anti-COVID-19 drugs, 

    • Group Véronique AVETTAND-FÈNOËL : Dr Antoine Chéret (Bicêtre hospital / Institut Cochin) has set up a national cohort of HIV and COVID19 patients, funded by the AP-HP foundation, for clinical but also pathophysiological studies. Dr Véronique Avettand-Fènoël (Necker University Hospital, Institut Cochin) will coordinate within the framework of this cohort, the pathophysiological studies of the impact of COVID19 on HIV reservoirs.


    The Institut Cochin has also mobilized its skills, its premises, its materials in the face of the epidemic due to the Coronavirus SARS-CoV2 to meet the urgent needs of the Hospital Services of Cochin Hospital and more generally APHP.Centre-UP:

    • Collection of personal protective equipment (masks, gowns, overshoes)

    • Preparation of tens of liters of hydro-alcoholic solution

    • Participation in the construction by 3D printer of hundreds of transparent protection screens for caregivers,

    • Participation in the establishment of a very high throughput hospital platform for SARS-CoV2 virus detection tests, coordinated by Michel VIDAUD

    • Provision of an L2 containment laboratory for the Biological Resources Center (CRB) of Cochin Hospital, to process, under suitable safety conditions, hundreds of samples from COVID + patients.

    Researchers, engineers, technicians have volunteered by the dozen to participate in these solidarity actions, thanks to them.

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