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    The "Mucosal microbiota in chronic inflammatory diseases" team has joined the Department Endocrinology, Metabolism and Diabetes (EMD) of Institut Cochin on October 2019.


    General presentation of the team 

    Our research effort is exploring the role of the microbiota in health and disease, with a particular focus on intestinal inflammation and metabolic deregulations. Using innovative tools, such as miniaturized in vitro gut and germfree animals, we are studying modern stressors of the intestinal microbiota and we investigate how an altered microbiota can lead to chronic intestinal inflammation and associated diseases.


    What are the recent contributions of the team?

    • Modern stressors of the intestinal microbiota. We previously demonstrated that dietary emulsifying agents can detrimentally impact the intestinal microbiota, leading to the development of chronic intestinal inflammation and associated diseases, such as metabolic deregulations and carcinogenesis. We are now characterizing the mechanisms beyond such disturbance, and especially the microbial component required to drive emulsifier consumption-mediated detrimental effects.
    • Beneficial modulation of the intestinal microbiota using targeted immunization. We recently reported, in Nature Communications, that administration of flagellin to mice is sufficient to induce a marked increase in anti-flagellin antibodies in the intestinal mucosa. Importantly, such immunization against flagellin gave the animals significant protection against intestinal inflammation. We are now investigating innovative approaches to locally administer flagellin to the intestinal mucosa. 
    • Microbiota-virus interactions. In the last few years, we have used our acquired expertise in microbiota analytics and gnotobiotic technology to examine how microbiota and its products impact viral infection and immunity. This has resulted in several important collaborative publications on Rotavirus and on Influenza.


    Thi Thuy Hanh TONG, Benoit CHASSAING, Sabrine NAIMI, Charlène DAURIAT


    Financial supports of the team

    The “MUCOSAL MICROBIOTA IN CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASES” team obtained, in 2019, a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) to support its research on the importance of mucus-associated bacteria in the development of chronic inflammatory diseases. A Chaire d’Excellence from the Université de Paris allow the team to further develop its research, especially by enabling to setup a germfree room.

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