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    Exploring the human immune system in health and disease


    Seminar Institut Cochin

    Thursday 28 November 2019 - 12:00 - Room conference Rosalind Franklin, 2nd floor


    Federica Sallusto

    Professor Human Immunology EHT Zurich
    Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Bellinzona, Switzerland

     invited by Anne Hosmalin

    Institut Cochin, 22 rue Méchain, 75014 Paris



    Federica Sallusto's laboratory analyzes human immune responses using novel high throughput cell-based assays, next generation sequencing, single cell transcriptomics, metabolomics and proteomics. She is defining the signals through which cells of the innate immune system, such as dendritic cells and monocytes, determine the differentiation, proliferation and long-term survival of cells of the adaptive immune system. She is also characterizing human T cells that are induced by commensal microbes to define their functional properties and pattern of reactivity in the steady state and in inflammatory conditions. In patients with chronic infections or immune deficiencies, she tries to understand the basis of some rare immunodeficiencies, allergies or autoimmune diseases. how opportunistic pathogens can cause allergy or autoimmunity By applying the same experimental approaches, we conduct studies to understand why in patients with chronic or disseminated infections, including children with rare primary immunodeficiencies caused by genetic disorders, the immune system fails to protect the host and how not harmful environmental antigens or self-antigens can cause pathology (allergy and autoimmunity) in some individuals.


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