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    Publications de l'équipe : Interactions Hôte-Virus

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    • Bonnard, D., Le Rouzic, E., Eiler, S., Amadori, C., Orlov, I., Bruneau, J. M., Brias, J., Barbion, J., Chevreuil, F., Spehner, D., Chasset, S., Ledoussal, B., Moreau, F., Saib, A., Klaholz, B. P., Emiliani, S., Ruff, M., Zamborlini, A., Benarous, R. Structure-function analyses unravel distinct effects of allosteric inhibitors of HIV-1 integrase on viral maturation and integration J Biol Chem 2018; 293(16):6172-6186
    • Dejarnac, O., Hafirassou, M. L., Chazal, M., Versapuech, M., Gaillard, J., Perera-Lecoin, M., Umana-Diaz, C., Bonnet-Madin, L., Carnec, X., Tinevez, J. Y., Delaugerre, C., Schwartz, O., Roingeard, P., Jouvenet, N., Berlioz-Torrent, C., Meertens, L., Amara, A. TIM-1 Ubiquitination Mediates Dengue Virus Entry Cell Rep 2018; 23(6):1779-1793
    • Moreau, P., Cournac, A., Palumbo, G. A., Marbouty, M., Mortaza, S., Thierry, A., Cairo, S., Lavigne, M., Koszul, R., Neuveut, C. Tridimensional infiltration of DNA viruses into the host genome shows preferential contact with active chromatin Nat Commun 2018; 9(1):4268
    • Eckenfelder, A., Segeral, E., Pinzon, N., Ulveling, D., Amadori, C., Charpentier, M., Nidelet, S., Concordet, J. P., Zagury, J. F., Paillart, J. C., Berlioz-Torrent, C., Seitz, H., Emiliani, S., Gallois-Montbrun, S. Argonaute proteins regulate HIV-1 multiply spliced RNA and viral production in a Dicer independent manner Nucleic Acids Res 2017; 45(7):4158-4173
    • Roy, N., Pacini, G., Berlioz-Torrent, C., Janvier, K. Characterization of E3 ligases involved in lysosomal sorting of the HIV-1 restriction factor BST2 J Cell Sci 2017; 130(9):1596-1611
    • Matysiak, J., Lesbats, P., Mauro, E., Lapaillerie, D., Dupuy, J. W., Lopez, A. P., Benleulmi, M. S., Calmels, C., Andreola, M. L., Ruff, M., Llano, M., Delelis, O., Lavigne, M., Parissi, V. Modulation of chromatin structure by the FACT histone chaperone complex regulates HIV-1 integration Retrovirology 2017; 14(1):39
    • Leymarie, O., Lepont, L., Berlioz-Torrent, C. Canonical and Non-Canonical Autophagy in HIV-1 Replication Cycle Viruses 2017; 9(10):270
    • Amadori, C., van der Velden, Y. U., Bonnard, D., Orlov, I., van Bel, N., Le Rouzic, E., Miralles, L., Brias, J., Chevreuil, F., Spehner, D., Chasset, S., Ledoussal, B., Mayr, L., Moreau, F., Garcia, F., Gatell, J., Zamborlini, A., Emiliani, S., Ruff, M., Klaholz, B. P., Moog, C., Berkhout, B., Plana, M., Benarous, R. The HIV-1 integrase-LEDGF allosteric inhibitor MUT-A: resistance profile, impairment of virus maturation and infectivity but without influence on RNA packaging or virus immunoreactivity Retrovirology 2017; 14(1):50
    • Benleulmi, M. S., Matysiak, J., Robert, X., Miskey, C., Mauro, E., Lapaillerie, D., Lesbats, P., Chaignepain, S., Henriquez, D. R., Calmels, C., Oladosu, O., Thierry, E., Leon, O., Lavigne, M., Andreola, M. L., Delelis, O., Ivics, Z., Ruff, M., Gouet, P., Parissi, V. Modulation of the functional association between the HIV-1 intasome and the nucleosome by histone amino-terminal tails Retrovirology 2017; 14(1):54
    • Pasi, M., Mornico, D., Volant, S., Juchet, A., Batisse, J., Bouchier, C., Parissi, V., Ruff, M., Lavery, R., Lavigne, M. DNA minicircles clarify the specific role of DNA structure on retroviral integration Nucleic Acids Res 2016; 44(16):7830-47
    • Madjo, U., Leymarie, O., Fremont, S., Kuster, A., Nehlich, M., Gallois-Montbrun, S., Janvier, K., Berlioz-Torrent, C. LC3C Contributes to Vpu-Mediated Antagonism of BST2/Tetherin Restriction on HIV-1 Release through a Non-canonical Autophagy Pathway Cell Rep 2016; 17(9):2221-2233
    • Gerard, A., Segeral, E., Naughtin, M., Abdouni, A., Charmeteau, B., Cheynier, R., Rain, J. C., Emiliani, S. The Integrase Cofactor LEDGF/p75 Associates with Iws1 and Spt6 for Postintegration Silencing of HIV-1 Gene Expression in Latently Infected Cells Cell Host Microbe 2015; 17(1):107-17
    • Fremont, S., Gerard, A., Galloux, M., Janvier, K., Karess, R. E., Berlioz-Torrent, C. Response to Luca L Fava and colleagues EMBO Rep 2015; 16(10):1237-8
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    • Morchikh, M., Naughtin, M., Di Nunzio, F., Xavier, J., Charneau, P., Jacob, Y., Lavigne, M. TOX4 and NOVA1 Proteins Are Partners of the LEDGF PWWP Domain and Affect HIV-1 Replication . PLoS One 2013; 8(11):e81217
    • Janvier, K., Roy, N., Berlioz-Torrent, C. Role of the Endosomal ESCRT Machinery in HIV-1 Vpu-Induced Down- Regulation of BST2/Tetherin Curr HIV Res 2012; 10(4):315-20
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