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    Publications de l'équipe : Cytokines et infections virales

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    • Lucar, O., Sadjo Diallo, M., Bayard, C., Samri, A., Tarantino, N., Debre, P., Thiebaut, R., Brun-Vezinet, F., Matheron, S., Cheynier, R., Vieillard, V., group, Anrs Co Immunovir- Study B7-H6-mediated downregulation of NKp30 in natural killer cells contributes to HIV-2 immune escape AIDS 2019; 33(1):23-32
    • Echebli, N., Tchitchek, N., Dupuy, S., Bruel, T., Peireira Bittencourt Passaes, C., Bosquet, N., Le Grand, R., Bourgeois, C., Favier, B., Cheynier, R., Lambotte, O., Vaslin, B. Stage-specific IFN-induced and IFN gene expression reveal convergence of type I and type II IFN and highlight their role in both acute and chronic stage of pathogenic SIV infection PLoS One 2018; 13(1):e0190334
    • Logerot, S., Rancez, M., Charmeteau-de Muylder, B., Figueiredo-Morgado, S., Rozlan, S., Tambussi, G., Beq, S., Couedel-Courteille, A., Cheynier, R. HIV reservoir dynamics in HAART-treated poor immunological responder patients under IL-7 therapy AIDS 2018; 32(6):715-720
    • Sannier, A., Stroumza, N., Caligiuri, G., Le Borgne-Moynier, M., Andreata, F., Senemaud, J., Louedec, L., Even, G., Gaston, A. T., Deschildre, C., Couvelard, A., Ou, P., Cheynier, R., Nataf, P., Dorent, R., Nicoletti, A. Thymic function is a major determinant of onset of antibody-mediated rejection in heart transplantation Am J Transplant 2018; 18(4):964-971
    • Silva, S. L., Albuquerque, A. S., Matoso, P., Charmeteau-de-Muylder, B., Cheynier, R., Ligeiro, D., Abecasis, M., Anjos, R., Barata, J. T., Victorino, R. M., Sousa, A. E. IL-7-Induced Proliferation of Human Naive CD4 T-Cells Relies on Continued Thymic Activity Front Immunol 2017; 8:20
    • Albuquerque, A.S., Fernandes, S.M., Tendeiro, R., Cheynier, R., Lucas, M., Silva, S.L., Victorino, R.M.M., Sousa, A.E. Major CD4 T-Cell Depletion and Immune Senescence in a Patient with Chronic Granulomatous Disease Frontiers in Immunology 2017; 8:543
    • Grimaldi-Bensouda, L., Rossignol, M., Kone-Paut, I., Krivitzky, A., Lebrun-Frenay, C., Clet, J., Brassat, D., Papeix, C., Nicolino, M., Benhamou, P. Y., Fain, O., Costedoat-Chalumeau, N., Courcoux, M. F., Viallard, J. F., Godeau, B., Papo, T., Vermersch, P., Bourgault-Villada, I., Breart, G., Abenhaim, L., Group, P. GRx-AD Study Risk of autoimmune diseases and human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines: Six years of case-referent surveillance J Autoimmun 2017; 79:84-90
    • Ponte, R., Rancez, M., Figueiredo-Morgado, S., Dutrieux, J., Fabre-Mersseman, V., Charmeteau-de-Muylder, B., Guilbert, T., Routy, J.-P., Cheynier, R., Couedel-Courteille, A. Acute Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Infection Triggers Early and Transient Interleukin-7 Production in the Gut, Leading to Enhanced Local Chemokine Expression and Intestinal Immune Cell Homing Front Immunol 2017; 8:588
    • Silva, S. L., Albuquerque, A., Amaral, A. J., Li, Q. Z., Mota, C., Cheynier, R., Victorino, R. M. M., Pereira-Santos, M. C., Sousa, A. E. Autoimmunity and allergy control in adults submitted to complete thymectomy early in infancy PLoS One 2017; 12(7):e0180385
    • Ponte, R., Mehraj, V., Ghali, P., Couedel-Courteille, A., Cheynier, R., Routy, J. P. Reversing Gut Damage in HIV Infection: Using Non-Human Primate Models to Instruct Clinical Research EBioMedicine 2016; 4:40-9
    • Silva, S. L., Albuquerque, A. S., Serra-Caetano, A., Foxall, R. B., Pires, A. R., Matoso, P., Fernandes, S. M., Ferreira, J., Cheynier, R., Victorino, R. M., Caramalho, I., Barata, J. T., Sousa, A. E. Human naive regulatory T-cells feature high steady-state turnover and are maintained by IL-7 Oncotarget 2016; 7(11):12163-12175
    • Angin, M., Wong, G., Papagno, L., Versmisse, P., David, A., Bayard, C., Charmeteau-De Muylder, B., Besseghir, A., Thiebaut, R., Boufassa, F., Pancino, G., Sauce, D., Lambotte, O., Brun-Vezinet, F., Matheron, S., Rowland-Jones, S. L., Cheynier, R., Saez-Cirion, A., Appay, V., Group, Anrs Co Immunovir- Study Preservation of Lymphopoietic Potential and Virus Suppressive Capacity by CD8+ T Cells in HIV-2-Infected Controllers J Immunol 2016; 197(7):2787-95
    • Gerard, A., Segeral, E., Naughtin, M., Abdouni, A., Charmeteau, B., Cheynier, R., Rain, J. C., Emiliani, S. The Integrase Cofactor LEDGF/p75 Associates with Iws1 and Spt6 for Postintegration Silencing of HIV-1 Gene Expression in Latently Infected Cells Cell Host Microbe 2015; 17(1):107-17
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    • Bruel, T., Dupuy, S., Démoulins, T., Rogez-Kreuz, C., Dutrieux, J., Corneau, A., Cosma, A., Cheynier, R., Dereuddre-Bosquet, N., Le Grand, R., Vaslin, B. Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Dynamics Tune Interferon-Alfa Production in SIV-Infected Cynomolgus Macaques PLoS Pathog 2014; 10(1):e1003915.
    • Regent, A., Autran, B., Carcelain, G., Cheynier, R., Terrier, B., Charmeteau-De Muylder, B., Krivitzky, A., Oksenhendler, E., Costedoat-Chalumeau, N., Hubert, P., Lortholary, O., Dupin, N., Debre, P., Guillevin, L., Mouthon, L. Idiopathic CD4 lymphocytopenia: clinical and immunologic characteristics and follow-up of 40 patients Medicine (Baltimore) 2014; 93(2):61-72
    • Dutertre, C. A., Jourdain, J. P., Rancez, M., Amraoui, S., Fossum, E., Bogen, B., Sanchez, C., Couedel-Courteille, A., Richard, Y., Dalod, M., Feuillet, V., Cheynier, R., Hosmalin, A. TLR3-Responsive, XCR1+, CD141(BDCA-3)+/CD8alpha+-Equivalent Dendritic Cells Uncovered in Healthy and Simian Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected Rhesus Macaques J Immunol 2014; 192(10):4697-708
    • Dutrieux, J., Fabre-Mersseman, V., Charmeteau-De Muylder, B., Rancez, M., Ponte, R., Rozlan, S., Figueiredo-Morgado, S., Bernard, A., Beq, S., Couedel-Courteille, A., Cheynier, R. Modified interferon-alpha subtypes production and chemokine networks in the thymus during acute simian immunodeficiency virus infection, impact on thymopoiesis Aids 2014; 28(8):1101-1113
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    • Launay, O., Surenaud, M., Desaint, C., Ben Hamouda, N., Pialoux, G., Bonnet, B., Poizot-Martin, I., Gonzales, G., Cuzin, L., Bourgault-Villada, I., Levy, Y., Choppin, J., Durier, C. Long-term CD4(+) and CD8(+) T-cell responses induced in HIV-uninfected volunteers following intradermal or intramuscular administration of an HIV-lipopeptide vaccine (ANRS VAC16) Vaccine 2013; 31(40):4406-15
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