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    Publications de l'équipe : Cancer et Réponse Immune

    130 publication(s) trouvée(s)

    • Bismuth, G., Boumsell, L. Controlling the immune system through semaphorins Sci STKE 2002; 2002:RE4
    • Feuillet, V., Semichon, M., Restouin, A., Harriague, J., Janzen, J., Magee, A., Collette, Y., Bismuth, G. The distinct capacity of Fyn and Lck to phosphorylate Sam68 in T cells is essentially governed by SH3/SH2-catalytic domain linker interactions Oncogene 2002; 21:7205-13
    • Gary-Gouy, H., Harriague, J., Bismuth, G., Platzer, C., Schmitt, C., Dalloul, A. H. Human CD5 promotes B-cell survival through stimulation of autocrine IL-10 production Blood 2002; 100:4537-4543
    • Gary-Gouy, H., Harriague, J., Dalloul, A., Donnadieu, E., Bismuth, G. CD5-negative regulation of B cell receptor signaling pathways originates from tyrosine residue Y429 outside an immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motif J Immunol 2002; 168:232-9
    • Harriague, J., Bismuth, G. Imaging antigen-induced PI3K activation in T cells Nat Immunol 2002; 3:1090-6
    • Donnadieu, E., Revy, P., Trautmann, A. Imaging T-cell antigen recognition and comparing immunological and neuronal synapses Immunology 2001; 103:417-25
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    • Trautmann, A., Vivier, E. Immunology. Agrin--a bridge between the nervous and immune systems Science 2001; 292:1667-8
    • Donnadieu, E., Lang, V., Bismuth, G., Ellmeier, W., Acuto, O., Michel, F., Trautmann, A. Differential roles of Lck and Itk in T cell response to antigen recognition revealed by calcium imaging and electron microscopy J Immunol 2001; 166:5540-9
    • Elhabazi, A., Delaire, S., Bensussan, A., Boumsell, L., Bismuth, G. Biological activity of soluble CD100. I. The extracellular region of CD100 is released from the surface of T lymphocytes by regulated proteolysis J Immunol 2001; 166:4341-7
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