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    Lab members


    Bourgault-Villada Isabelle


    Cheynier Rémi , Group Leader


    Couedel-Courteille Anne


    Hosmalin Anne , Group Leader


    Mas Magali


    Prevost-Blondel Armelle, Group Leader

    Armelle Prévost-Blondel studied Biochemistry and Immunology at the University Pierre and Marie Curie at Paris and received in 1996 her PhD in Immunology conducted in the lab of Dr Jean-Gérard Guillet at the Cochin Institute on the variability of the β chain of the TCR in infectious and tumor human pathologies. She joined the lab of Pr Hanspeter Pircher at the Freiburg University (Germany), where she investigated mechanisms of tumor surveillance mediated by CD8+ T cells. She obtained an INSERM position in 2002. Between 2005-2013, she was team leader at the Cochin Institute. She is currently leader of a group of 6 to 7 persons on the regulation of the immune response in melanoma.

    ORCID Number: 0000-0002-7268-5905



    Rancez Magali


    Richard  Yolande, Group Leader

    During her PhD in Cellular and Molecular genetics obtained in 1980 at the University Pierre & Marie Curie, Yolande Richard has identified new discrete thymus T-cell subsets and established a correspondence with lymphoblastic T-cell lymphoma in children, with major consequences on therapeutic strategies. Thanks to collaboration between teams of A. Bernard (Head of her PhD Team) and of S. Schlossman (Harvard Medical School), she participated to the characterisation of pioneer monoclonal antibodies founding the classification into Clusters of Differentiation. She obtained a position at CNRS in 1981 and then focused her activity on helper vs. suppressive functions of T-cells. In 1983, she moved to the P. Galanaud’ s Lab (INSERM u131) where she studied the heterogeneity of human B-cells towards antigens, cytokines and cognate interactions with T-cells and identified a new receptor for a B-cell growth factor. In 1987, she obtained a Doctorate in Life Sciences (Immunology speciality). From 1992 to 2005, she headed teams working on B-cell phenotypes and functions in physiological and pathological settings. From 2006 to 2010, she joined the Laboratory of Immuno-Virology (iMETI) at CEA where she initiated a study on tissue B-cell abnormalities during SIV infection. Last, she joined the Cochin Institute in 2011 working on impairments of plasmacytoid dendritic cells and B-cell responses in SIV/HIV infection and Multiple Sclerosis, with a particular emphasis on the cytokine BAFF (for B-cell activating factor of the TNF family).

    ORCID Number: 0000-0001-8560-9250


    Rozenberg Flore, Group Leader


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