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    Publications de l'équipe : Bactéries et Périnatalité

    124 publication(s) trouvée(s)

    • Aymeric, L., Donnadieu, F., Mulet, C., du Merle, L., Nigro, G., Saffarian, A., Berard, M., Poyart, C., Robine, S., Regnault, B., Trieu-Cuot, P., Sansonetti, P. J., Dramsi, S. Colorectal cancer specific conditions promote Streptococcus gallolyticus gut colonization Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2018; 115(2):E283-E291
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    • Del Giudice, P., Plainvert, C., Hubiche, T., Tazi, A., Fribourg, A., Poyart, C. Infectious Cellulitis Caused by Streptococcus halichoeri Acta Derm Venereol 2018; 98(3):378-379
    • Weckel, A., Ahamada, D., Bellais, S., Mehats, C., Plainvert, C., Longo, M., Poyart, C., Fouet, A. The N-terminal domain of the R28 protein promotes emm28 group A Streptococcus adhesion to host cells via direct binding to three integrins J Biol Chem 2018; 293(41):16006-16018
    • Plainvert, C., Longo, M., Seringe, E., Saintpierre, B., Sauvage, E., Ma, L., Beghain, J., Dmytruk, N., Collobert, G., Hernandez, E., Manuel, C., Astagneau, P., Glaser, P., Ariey, F., Poyart, C., Fouet, A. A clone of the emergent Streptococcus pyogenes emm89 clade responsible for a large outbreak in a post-surgery oncology unit in France Med Microbiol Immunol 2018; 207(5-7):287-96
    • Javouhey, E., Bolzé, PA., Jamen, C., Lina, G., Badiou, C., Poyart, C., Portefaix, A., Tristan, A., Laurent, F., Bess, M., Vandenesch, F., Gillet, Y., Dauwalder, O. Similarities and differences between Staphylococcal and Streptococcal Toxic Shock Syndromes in children: results from a 30-case cohort Frontiers Pediatrics 2018; 6:360
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    • Allard, M. J., Bergeron, J. D., Baharnoori, M., Srivastava, L. K., Fortier, L. C., Poyart, C., Sebire, G. A sexually dichotomous, autistic-like phenotype is induced by Group B Streptococcus maternofetal immune activation Autism Res 2017; 10(2):233-245
    • Andreoni, F., Zurcher, C., Tarnutzer, A., Schilcher, K., Neff, A., Keller, N., Marques Maggio, E., Poyart, C., Schuepbach, R. A., Zinkernagel, A. S. Clindamycin Affects Group A Streptococcus Virulence Factors and Improves Clinical Outcome J Infect Dis 2017; 215(2):269-277
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    • Lagal, V., Dinis, M., Cannella, D., Bargieri, D., Gonzalez, V., Andenmatten, N., Meissner, M., Tardieux, I. AMA1-Deficient Toxoplasma gondii Parasites Transiently Colonize Mice and Trigger an Innate Immune Response That Leads to Long-Lasting Protective Immunity Infect Immun 2015; 83(6):2475-86
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