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    Characterization of Dormant Leukemic Stem Cells



    Adlen Foudi 

    Adlen Foudi

    INSERM UMR-S935, Institut André Lwoff, Villejuif


    Jeudi 1er février 2018 à 12h00


     invité par Michaela Fontenay & Evelyne lauret


    Institut Cochin, 22 rue Méchain, 75014 Paris
    Salle de conférence Rosalind Franklin, 2e étage

    My long-term interests lie in elucidating the molecular mechanisms responsible for cancer stem cell dormancy in order to develop innovative cancer treatments. This phenomenon is believed to be responsible for disease relapse upon cessation of targeted therapies. Indeed, it has become evident that small molecule inhibitors will mainly eradicate proliferating leukemic cells leaving the pool of quiescent stem cells largely unaffected. The characteristics of these rare quiescent or dormant cancer stem cells remain largely elusive and the signals involved in their survival, dormancy and resistance to drug inhibitors due to either intrinsic or extrinsic (niche) signals are completely unknown. Using a comprehensive way combining mouse genetics, high-throughput single-cell live imaging, and single-cell genomics, we will be able to provide a powerful and previously inaccessible approach of connecting division history, leukemogenic potential and drug responses of cancer cells. We are confident that this will not only provide new insights, but will lead to new therapeutic avenues for human leukemia and other neoplasms that use a cadre of dormant stem cell reservoirs.


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