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    TCR nanoscale organisation and antigen encounter by T and B lymphocytes



    Balbino Alarcon 

    Balbino Alarcon

    Molecular Biology Center (CBM), CSIC, Madrid, Spain


    Jeudi 15 mars 2018 à 12h00


     invité par Fatah Ouaaz & Florence Niedergang


    Institut Cochin, 22 rue Méchain, 75014 Paris
    Salle de conférence Rosalind Franklin, 2e étage


    Balbino Alarcon is an ERC laureate immunologist at the Cell biology and Immunology department of the Molecular Biology Center (CBM) Severo Ochoa in Madrid, affiliated to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), which is the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe. He is leader of the group  “Signal transduction through the T cell antigen receptor”.

    His research which combines both immunology and cell biology focuses for many years on the investigation of the nanoscale organization of the TCR and the intramolecular mechanisms that allow the transmission of signals from the ligand-binding subunits to the cytoplasmic tails of the signal transducing subunits in the TCR. Finally, he is studying the role TC21, a member of the RRas subfamily of GTPases, in physiological processes of T and B lymphocytes such as homeostatic control of the populations, formation of the immunological synapse, thymic selection, or germinal center formation. Strikingly, his recent findings highlighted that T and more recently B lymphocytes (unpublished data) do perform also “phagocytosis” upon encounter with antigen.


    Some publications:

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