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    Force transmission at cell adhesions and the nucleus

    Webinaire de l'Institut Cochin

    Mardi 19 janvier 2020 - 12h00 - Pour obtenir le lien d'accès Zoom, envoyez un mail à


    Nicolas Borghi

    Institut Jacques Monod, Paris


     invité par Mireille Lambert



    In multicellular organisms, cells generate and undergo mechanical forces that may shape cells, tissues and organs, but also regulate genetic programs. The recent advent of genetically-encoded sensors of molecular tension has allowed to provide quantitative, molecular-scale and molecular-specific information on these forces. We have leveraged these tools in proteins of cell adhesion and of the nuclear envelope to address how forces transmit across scales and regulate signaling pathways during model morphogenetic processes in cell culture. Our results reveal non-trivial relationships between molecular-scale and tissue-scale forces, and show how signaling pathways targeting gene transcription involve mechanotransduction events at multiple levels.