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    The ins and outs of central T cell tolerance



    Sheena Pinto 

    Sheena Pinto

    German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany


    Jeudi 15 février 2018 à 12h00


     invitée par Roberto Mallone


    Institut Cochin, 22 rue Méchain, 75014 Paris
    Salle de conférence Rosalind Franklin, 2e étage

    The thymus plays a central role in the induction of self-tolerance, a hallmark of the immune system. During T cell development the highly diverse T cell receptor repertoire is probed against a spectrum of self-antigens. The molecular principles underlying the generation of TCR ligands - self-peptide/MHC complexes - are less well understood; recent data indicate that novel epigenetic mechanisms are employed. Our work focuses on understanding a unique feature of thymic epithelial cells (TECs), namely the expression of a multitude of tissue-restricted antigens (TRAs), a phenomenon termed “promiscuous gene expression (pGE)” in context of self-tolerance. In this talk, I will discuss the molecular regulation underlying pGE in relation to the developmental biology of mTEC subsets and the inherent shortcomings of pGE-mediated tolerance, which will contribute to our understanding of the etiology and pathophysiology of human autoimmune diseases.


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