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    Functional Microbiomics: Unlocking Nutrition-Microbiome-Host Interaction with Metabolomics


    Séminaire de l'Institut Cochin

    Mardi 30 avril 2019 - 11h00 - Salle de conférence Rosalind Franklin, 2ème étage


    Wulf Fischer-Knuppertz

    Biocrates Life Sciences AT, Innsbruck, Austria


     invité par Carole Nicco

    Institut Cochin, 22 rue Méchain, 75014 Paris



    In the past years, microbiome research has dramatically reshaped our understanding of how microbes impact on a multitude of (patho-)physiological processes in the host. However, causal links between the microbiota and diseases are still lacking to a large extent. Metabolomics allows the investigation of microbial metabolic activities, and is thus an ideal "omics" technology for assessing functional nutrition-host-microbiota crosstalk.

    This presentation will provide an overview of the physiological role of the microbiome and the recent advancements in the analysis of the microbiota metabolome in various research disciplines including cardiology, diabetology, neuroscience, and oncology. Key metabolic pathways covering a variety of target metabolites produced and/or biochemically modified by gut bacteria (with a focus on choline metabolism, bile acids, branched-chain amino acids, and tryptophan metabolism) and their importance in pathophysiological processes, diseases, as well as drug response will be highlighted.

    For these works a MxP® Quant 500 was used. This technology is the worldwide first standardized solution for multiplexed, targeted quantification of up to 630 endogenous and microbiota-derived metabolites and lipids by mass spectrometry. It is applicable to a wide range of matrices, including plasma and feces, and ensures highly accurate and reproducible results.

    Investigation of the functional nutrition-microbiome-host interplay is a key aspect to better understand the causal link to physiological processes, disease development, as well as response to drug treatment.



    Dr. Fischer-Knuppertz holds a PhD in veterinary medicine from LMU Munich, Germany, and an Executive MBA from St. Gallen Business School, Switzerland.
    He took over as CEO & Chairman of the Board of Biocrates Life Sciences AG on 1 June 2013. For the past 25 years, Dr Fischer-Knuppertz has filled various leadership roles in the diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries, most recently as General Manager of Fisher Scientific. Before that, he established new technologies in translational and personalized medicine as Head of New/Diagnostic Business Applications at Roche Diagnostics. From 2001 to 2004, he headed the company's East/South East sales region and was later responsible for the development of the EMEA region and Latin America. He had started out his career as General Manager with Boehringer Mannheim Portugal.


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