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    SEMINAIRE ANNULE - Interplay between HBV and liver innate immunity: from understanding to therapeutic options


    Séminaire de l'Institut Cochin

    Lundi 14 janvier 2019SEMINAIRE ANNULE


    David Durantel

    Centre de recherche en cancérologie de Lyon, CRCL
    Inserm U1052


     invité par Anne Hosmalin

    Institut Cochin, 22 rue Méchain, 75014 Paris



    David Durantel obtained his PhD at the University of Montpellier in 1997. After three postdoctoral trainings respectively at Oxford Brookes University (UK), University of Oxford, and at INSERM-U271, he obtained a tenure position at INSERM in 2005, his Habilitation in 2008 from the University of Lyon (UCBL), and was promoted Director of Research in 2017. He currently heads a group at the Cancer Research Center of Lyon (CRCL, INSERM-U1052) in France on a program of research aiming at better understanding the interplay between HBV/HDV and liver innate immunity in order to contribute to the development of innovative antiviral strategies and novel immune-therapeutics. He has been involved in the past on several research projects related to drug discovery, in particular research on HCV/HBV morphogenesis inhibitors, research on PRR agonists as potential adjuvant for immune-therapeutic strategies, as well as to antiviral resistance. He has authored/co-authored 95 PubMed-recorded publications, as well as numerous reviews/editorials, proceedings and book chapters. He acts as reviewers for many journals, including Gastroenterology, Gut, Hepatology, J. Hepatol, Plos-Pathogen, etc… Since 2014, he is editor for the Antiviral Research journal, section viral hepatitis. He contributes to national coordination on viral hepatitis research at ANRS and is member of the executive board of AFEF (French association for liver research).


    Quelques publications

    • Aillot L, …10 authors…, Durantel D. Interaction between Toll-Like Receptor 9-CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides and Hepatitis B Virus Virions Leads to Entry Inhibition in Hepatocytes and Reduction of Alpha Interferon Production by Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 2018 Mar 27;62(4).
    • Lucifora J, …15 authors…, Durantel D. Direct antiviral properties of TLR ligands against HBV replication in immune-competent hepatocytes. Sci Rep. 2018 Mar 29;8(1):5390.
    • Strick-Marchand H, Durantel D. Who Defends the Stem Cell's Citadel? Cell Stem Cell. 2018 Mar 1;22(3):287-289.
    • Lucifora J, …14 authors…, Durantel D. Detection of the hepatitis B virus (HBV) covalently-closed-circular DNA (cccDNA) in mice transduced with a recombinant AAV-HBV vector. Antiviral Res. 2017 Sep;145:14-19.
    • Diab AM, …10 authors…, Durantel D. Polo-like-kinase 1 is a proviral host-factor for hepatitis B virus replication. Hepatology. 2017 Apr 26.
    • Durantel D, Zoulim F. New antiviral targets for innovative treatment concepts  for hepatitis B virus and hepatitis delta virus. J Hepatol. 2016 Apr;64(1 Suppl):S117-31.
    • Alfaiate D, Lucifora J, …6 authors…, Dény P, Durantel D. HDV RNA replication is associated with HBV repression and interferon-stimulated genes induction in super-infected hepatocytes. Antiviral Res. 2016 Dec;136:19-31.
    • Isorce N, Testoni B, …4 authors…, Zoulim F, Durantel D. Antiviral activity of various interferons and pro-inflammatory cytokines in non-transformed cultured hepatocytes infected with hepatitis B virus. Antiviral Res. 2016 Jun;130:36-45.
    • Luangsay S, Gruffaz M, …9 authors…, Durantel D*, Zoulim F*. Early Inhibition of Hepatocyte Innate Responses by Hepatitis B Virus. J Hepatol. 2015 Dec;63(6):1314-22.
    • Luangsay S, Ait-Goughoulte M, …6 authors…, Zoulim F* and Durantel D*. Expression and functionality of Toll- and RIG-like receptors in HepaRG cells. J Hepatol. 2015 Nov;63(5):1077-85. 


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