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    The pancreatic islet beta cell in health and diabetes


    Séminaire de l'Institut Cochin

    Jeudi 24 mai 2018 - 12h00 - Salle de conférence Rosalind Franklin, 2ème étage


    Michele Solimena
    Michele Solimena

    Molecular Diabetology, Univ. Hospital and Faculty of Medicine &
    Paul Langerhans Institute Dresden, Helmholtz Center Munich
    at TU Dresden, Germany


     invité par Raphaël Scharfmann

    Institut Cochin, 22 rue Méchain, 75014 Paris



     Our group is interested in the cell biology of the insulin-producing β-cells of the pancreatic islets and the molecular fundamentals of diabetes. In my seminar I will review recent findings in two of our major areas of interest. A major topic of research is to unveil the molecular principles that regulate the turnover of insulin secretory granules, including their biogenesis, traffic, exocytosis and intracellular disposal by autophagy. Another major topic is to understand the natural history of beta cell failure in type 2 diabetes through the assembly and investigation of the largest biobank of pancreatic tissue specimens/islets from metabolically phenotyped normoglycemic, prediabetic and diabetic subjects undergoing pancreatic surgery.


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