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    Follow-up Committe for PhD studies


    Laurence Bénit, coordinator

    Researcher at CNRS
    01 44 41 24 07

    The Institut Cochin trains about a hundred doctoral students. In collaboration with doctoral schools, the Institute ensures a careful follow-up of theses progress thanks to a PhD studies committee: the “Comité de Suivi des Doctorants”, or CSD. The CSD is comprised of researcher and doctoral student representatives from each department and coordinated by a researcher from the Institute (Laurence Bénit since 2016).

    The CSD informs department heads and the Institute management of PhD student welcoming conditions and makes proposals to optimize them with special attention payed to foreign students. The CSD assigns a godfather or godmother to each PhD student. Their role is to ensure the good progress of the thesis and to prevent any difficulties. Each year, the CSD organizes a welcoming meeting for new PhD students as well as their godparents and presents the Institute procedures for PhD students follow-up.

    The CSD organizes the annual PhD days where each PhD student gives a scientific talk, at least once during its thesis before all members of the institute. 3 doctoral students are rewarded for the quality of their presentations.

    Finally, with the help of JeCCo association, the CSD ensures skills development and informs young scientist(s about professional carriers and job opportunities in public or private Research, as well as other fields.