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    International PhD training at Institut Cochin

    The Institut Cochin provides international PhD students for excellent training conditions and follow-upand welcomes students of about 20 nationalities. 


    Apply for a PhD in France - Practical information 

    PhD students are recruited by the researchers, thesis offers are posted here.

    For practical information to come to France, apply for internships or fellowships, etc, please follow this link: University of Paris, welcoming international students.


    Many Biomedical research areas in one campus

    The Institut Cochin is a biomedical research institute located inside a large teaching hospital (Cochin-Port-Royal Hospital) allowing PhD training of young scientists as well as clinicians and pharmacists.

    Research areas:

    • Infection, Immunity, Inflammation: Host-pathogen interactions (viruses, bacteria, parasites), local and systemic immune responses, vaccinology, immunotherapies, inflammatory or autoimmune diseases,...
    • Development, Reproduction, Cancer: Infertility and placental diseases, embryonic development, solid and hematological cancers, cell differentiation, stem cells,...
    • Endocrinology, Metabolism, Diabetes: Homeostasis and metabolic diseases including diabetes, obesity, steatosis, iron overload. Endocrine diseases, microbiota,...


    A dedicated teaching team for optimal training

    Many researchers participate in doctoral schools. About 150 researchers and clinicians have the habilitation to direct thesis (HDR for Habilitation à diriger la Recherche).

    The University and Doctoral School stringent rules ensure maximal training: each thesis director is allowed to welcome only one PhD student per year, and not more than another PhD student starting one or two years later.  

    A Follow-up Committee for PhD studies, headed by a researcher dedicated to young researcher support, works in cooperation with the Doctoral Schools to implement scientific and personal mentorship.


    A lively young researchers community

    The JeCCo association is a dynamic association enabling all young people (researchers or not) to take part in the life of the institute.

    A wide range of activities are organized by JeCCo:

    • scientific events within the Institute
    • professional sessions to prepare the young researchers to their future
    • meetings with the general public (open house days), and solidarity actions
    • JeCCo keeps in touch with the "former young researchers" of the institute, thus fostering the development of a network that benefits all members.


    Lively scientific animation

    • Institut Cochin seminars twice a month
    • Weekly department meetings
    • Annual symposia organized by Institut Cochin: Jean-Claude Dreyfus symposium, Miltenyi symposium
    • Access facilitated to other meetings: ANRS, ASCB, workshops, SFI, etc
    • Annual PhD days, with prizes
    • M2 training days