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    JeCCo is the young researchers association of institut Cochin.

    It is a dynamic association enabling all young people (researchers or not) to take part in the life of the institute.

    A wide range of activities are organized by JeCCo:

    • scientific events within the Institute
    • professional sessions to prepare the young researchers to their future
    • meetings with the general public (open house days), and solidarity actions

    In addition, JeCCo keeps in touch with the "former young researchers" of the institute, thus fostering the development of a network that benefits all members.

    Visit the website of the association JeCCo, to find contacts, support it, or get involved in its actions.

    The members of the 2017 bureau

    Bureau JeCCo 2017

    From left to right: Gabrielle Lê-Bury (Webmaster), Gabriel Matherat (Vice-trésorier), Antonin Weckel (Trésorier), Robin Loesch (Vice-Président), Armelle Tollenaere (Présidente)
, Lan Trang Vu (Vice-secrétaire), Marion Le Bris (Secrétaire), Simon Faillot (Webmaster)


    JeCCo is member of the Biotechno network and of the CJC (Confédération des Jeunes Chercheurs), spokesperson for young researchers to the government.